How to improve customer experience using Voznet’s IP based contact center / call center!

Each call center in Pakistan measures its average wait time, average call time and call resolution percentage. However, these traditional metrics reveal only a small piece of the customer service puzzle. As the every other company is becoming increasingly customer-centric, every business requires a unique matrix of metrics to create a strategy for seamless customer service. A contact center solution must help you uncover customer frustrations and provide detailed information about agent performance – so you can learn from the good and the bad. Advanced call metrics can help you make decisions about how to structure your technology, improve agent training, and ultimately improve the way you serve customers.

Imagine your contact center seamlessly integrating with our CRM, and other technology solutions. Agents use one interface, whether when the phone rings, one window pops up with information about the customer. The time savings alone would allow agents to focus on the customer rather than juggling multiple systems. The integrated solution saves the customer’s time and provides management with a clear view of operations, data integrity. The ultimate goal is a more cohesive and efficient work environment that leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Voznet UCS IP based Contact centers give you the ability to stay in touch with your customers. They should be flexible and offer monitoring tools such as real-time dashboards to help you prevent call volume spikes or identify areas of concern before problems happen. For example, you can use custom IVR greetings to inform your customers and direct them to the correct call queue. The result – fewer or no transfers increasing the resolution rate of individual calls, reducing hold times and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Voznet Call Center solution enables seamless interaction with your customers and provide you with the valuable information needed to improve your business processes and increase customer satisfaction.

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